Dog Tales Day Camp and Boarding is an owner-operated dog kennel located on 15 acres of land enchanted with hiking trails, creek beds, and doggie play areas. We specialize in keeping your furry friend safe, active and happy. With a boarding maximum of 18 dogs, we can focus on the specific needs of each dog who stays with us. Whether your dog needs playtime, a hike, cuddles, or a chance to watch some chickens, we are prepared to do whatever it takes to make their stay enjoyable.

Keeping your dog safe and healthy is at the forefront of our philosophy. We keep our dog volume low and human contact time high, which means our staff KNOWS your dog, from their name, to their habits, to when something may be wrong. We care for your dog as if they were our own because we understand your pup is more then a pet, but a companion.

Our Commitment

  • We screen all dogs to assure our environment is a good fit
  • We keep your dog safe and comfortable
  • We feed your dog the way you want
  • We administer medications at no extra cost
  • We walk your dog
  • We send you updates while you are away
  • We conduct small and safe playgroup sessions
  • We strive to provide restful sleep opportunities for your dog
  • We seek medical care (if necessary) and notify you
  • We screen your dog daily, with purposeful touch, for health conditions
  • We document all care of your dog
  • We are licensed and insured

We are small. We care. We are a home away from home.

Don’t let the guilt monsters stop you from scheduling your adventure. We’ve got your dog covered and we’re ready to take your dog on their own adventure!